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(POL67000, POL67001) Digital Sustainability Transformation of, by and for the TUM

Course 0000003379 in SS 2021

General Data

Course Type seminar
Semester Weekly Hours 2 SWS
Organisational Unit Assistant Professorship of Policy Analysis (Prof. Wurster)
Lecturers Markus Siewert
Stefan Wurster
Dates 13 dates in groups

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additional remarks Sustainability and digitization are two of the key challenges of our time. Both transformations must be actively shaped, whereby it is crucial to think "sustainability" and "digitization" not only as two separate megatrends but examine their intersections and interplays. Universities like the TUM have a central role to play in shaping the digital and sustainable transformation: they are learning venues for sustainable/digital development with the goal to educate people; they serve as fora for public discussions and as hubs to connect important stakeholders; they are important incubators for innovations; and they (should) also function as role models for the society. Against this backdrop, this module pursues three interrelated goals: 1) to promote the discussion of sustainable development issues in conjunction with the digital transformation at TUM; 2) to strengthen TUM's position as a driving force and central multiplier of issues with a view to sustainable digitization or sustainability through digitization; and 3) to support the deep-rooted anchoring of sustainability issues at TUM. The module consists of two courses: - The first course is a virtual lecture that examines the mutual opportunities and challenges of sustainability and digitization in the university context - i.e. in teaching, research, administration and third mission. In the summer term, the lecture will focus on a range of topics linked to sustainability and digitalization within the TUM. In other words, we will explore, among others, how sustainability matters for learning, working and living at the TUM, what initiatives are in progress to enhance issues related to sustainbility at the TUM. In doing so, we will also examine the question of sustainability & digitization within higher education and ask how sustainability and digitization can be thought together from theoretical perspective. In the winter term, the lecture will look at various issues and initiatives that address the mutual opportunities and challenges of sustainability and digitization at various levels. While a focus will be on projects in Munich and Bavaria, we will also discuss topics from a national, supranational and global perspective. - The second course is a seminar which gives students the opportunity to apply their knowledge on topics related to sustainable digitization/digital sustainability in a project-based manner. Over the course of two semesters, students are asked to develop and implement their own projects. Concretely, the seminar envisages two tracks of potential projects: Track 1 is dedicated to sustainability governance at TUM where students will work in small groups on assessing individual components of a sustainability at theTUM and identify possible potential for action with regard to digitalization and sustainability. Track 2 focuses on developing concrete projects together with stakeholders and local actors, with the goal to work on solutions and applications. The module closes with a conference where the student-led projects are presented to a broader audience and discussed with experts.
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WS 2021/2 (POL67000, POL67001) Digital Sustainability Transformation of, by and for the TUM Siewert, M. Wurster, S.
Assistants: Mohammed, N.
Thu, 16:45–18:15, virtuell
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