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Course 0000005376 in SS 2021

General Data

Course Type lecture
Semester Weekly Hours 2 SWS
Organisational Unit Chair of Hydrology and River Basin Management (Prof. Disse )
Lecturers Karl Broich
Markus Disse
Johannes Mitterer
Dates Fri, 08:15–09:45, virtuell

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additional remarks What ecological, economic and social challenges do cities face with regard to climate change and redensification? How can interdisciplinary approaches to solutions be developed? What are the interfaces/encounters from the different disciplines on the topic of "City & Water"? These and other questions are aimed at the core areas of a liveable city and this requires the interdisciplinary networking of planners, engineers, natural scientists, social scientists, economists and life scientists. The following contents will be dealt with in the course: - Identification of the networking of engineers, architects, natural scientists, social scientists, economists and life scientists. - Exploration of new, interdisciplinary basic knowledge - Exploration of interfaces/synergies and contradictions on the topic of the city through different disciplines. Disciplines - Identification, analysis and, if necessary, further development of relevant urban systems - Impulses for the transformation of our living environments - Development of new research questions - Development of new, theoretical approaches to solutions In the course of the lecture, representatives from various disciplines will present and discuss the following topics on the main theme of "City & Water": - Urban River Restoration - Urban Green Infrastructure - Climate Change - Flood Resilience - Sponge-City - Real Estate - Urban Agriculture - Urban Water Management - Water Rights– Water Governance - Water Quality in Megacities - Blue-Green Cities in Germany Within the specific topics, the following general topics are also addressed: - City - Landscape - Sociology - Regional Planning - Health - Water/Wastewater - Pollutants - Energy - Economics - Law - Climate Change - Natural Hazards - Ecology The contents and topics are taught in the form of lectures. Graphics, pictures and short films are used to illustrate the topics. In addition, interesting articles and literature recommendations are made available for download via Moodle.
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SS 2020 Eckert, D. Lang, W. Schwering, K.
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