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Sustainability around the World - Let's Learn from Others! (Environmentally Lecture Series - Main Campus)

Course CVL0000917 in SS 2021

General Data

Course Type lecture
Semester Weekly Hours 1 SWS
Organisational Unit Academic Programs WTG
Lecturers Barbara Kopp-Gebauer
Franziska Recknagel
Dates Wed, 18:30–20:00

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additional remarks The climate crisis is widely accepted, both scientifically and politically and has more impact on individuals each year. Climate change has varying strong effects on different regions of the world, due to crop failure, extreme weather conditions, and the rise in sea levels. While this leads to significant conflict potential, it also inspires creativity. Across the globe, innovative solutions are being created on a local and global scale. We want to learn from these innovations and let them inspire us. Therefore, with the lecture series, we strive to think outside the box, change our perspectives and widen our horizon. We want to give people the chance to learn about prevalent issues concerning climate change, and their potential solutions from various international speakers that have first-hand knowledge on these topics. The pandemic has given us a chance to hear from people all across the globe, without having to get on a plane. We invite you to learn about creative strategies in dealing with the environment and the climate crisis from international experts and to discuss interesting topics with them – informative, critical, and interdisciplinary. Therefore, the Environmental Department of the Student Representation at TUM has organised this lecture series about environment - completely online again this Semester.
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