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Nanooptoelectronic joint simulation/experimental lab

Course 0000000237 in SS 2020

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additional remarks The "Nanooptoelectronic joint simulation/experimental lab" is a combined experimentaltheoretical laboratory course. The planned numerical simulations are directly linked with lab experiments. The course is organized covering two full weeks. A total maximum number of 6 students (per semester) is envisaged. Experimental part (week 1) The students shall carry out a full experiment series aiming at the investigation of the electronic and optical properties of thin molecular films on solid substrates: preparation of thin molecular layers, structural characterization of the prepared hybrid systems, using different surface analytical tools, electronic characterization including in conductive probe AFM. Theoretical/modeling part (week 2) Introduction to Density Functional theory and the use of the atomistic software DFTB+, simulation of the structure/electronic spectrum of the molecule on the substrate, calculation of the quantum conductivity. Comparison with experimental data, introduction to the optical transfer matrix method and its application to ellipsometry. Comparison to experimental ellipsometry data.
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