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Vision-based Navigation (IN2106)

Course 0000003438 in SS 2019

General Data

Course Type practical training
Semester Weekly Hours 6 SWS
Organisational Unit Informatics 9 - Chair of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence (Prof. Cremers)
Lecturers Thomas Möllenhoff
Christiane Sommer
Responsible/Coordination: Daniel Cremers
Nikolaus Demmel
Vladyslav Usenko
Dates Mon, 14:00–18:00, MI 02.09.023

Assignment to Modules

Further Information

Courses are together with exams the building blocks for modules. Please keep in mind that information on the contents, learning outcomes and, especially examination conditions are given on the module level only – see section "Assignment to Modules" above.

additional remarks Vision-based localization, mapping, and navigation has recently seen tremendous progress in computer vision and robotics research. Such methods already have a strong impact on applications in fields such as robotics and augmented reality. In this course, students will develop and implement algorithms for visual navigation. This includes, e.g., simultaneous localization and mapping with monocular, stereo, or RGB-D cameras, (semi-)dense 3D reconstruction, obstacle perception and avoidance. First, we will introduce mathematic preliminaries for SLAM, such as 3D rigid body motion, Lie group and Lie algebra, pin-hole camera models, non-linear optimization, etc. Then we continue with basic SLAM modules: visual odometry, back-end optimization, loop closing and dense mapping. In a first part of the course, students will work on programming exercises to acquire practical experience in fundamental aspects of the topic. Afterwards, students will work in teams on projects related to the topic.
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Equivalent Courses (e. g. in other semesters)

WS 2020/1 Vision-based Navigation (IN2106) Demmel, N. Schubert, D.
Responsible/Coordination: Cremers, D.
Mon, 14:00–18:00, MI 02.05.014
and singular or moved dates
SS 2020 Vision-based Navigation (IN2106) Sommer, C.
Responsible/Coordination: Cremers, D.
Assistants: Demmel, N.Usenko, V.
Mon, 14:00–16:00, MI 02.09.023
WS 2019/20 Vision-based Navigation (IN2106) Demmel, N.
Responsible/Coordination: Cremers, D.
Mon, 16:00–18:00, MI 02.05.014
Mon, 14:00–16:00, MI 00.08.055
and singular or moved dates
WS 2018/9 Vision-based Navigation (IN2106) Demmel, N. Häfner, B. Usenko, V. Vestner, M.
Responsible/Coordination: Cremers, D.
SS 2018 Vision-based Navigation (IN2106) Sommer, C. Usenko, V.
Responsible/Coordination: Cremers, D.
Assistants: Gao, X.
Mon, 14:00–16:00, MI 02.09.023
WS 2017/8 Vision-based Navigation (IN2106, IN4174) Cremers, D.
WS 2016/7 Practical Course - Vision-based Navigation (IN2106, IN4174) Kuschk, G. Usenko, V.
Responsible/Coordination: Cremers, D.
Assistants: Möllenhoff, T.
WS 2015/6 Vision-based Navigation (IN2106)
SS 2015 Vision-based Navigation (IN2106)
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