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Quantum Nanoelectronics

Course 0000001005 in SS 2019

General Data

Course Type lecture
Semester Weekly Hours 3 SWS
Organisational Unit Chair of Nanoelectronics (Prof. Becherer komm.)
Dates Wed, 10:45–13:00, 1400

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additional remarks The influence of quantum mechanics on electronics, nanoelectronics and information theory, early quantum theory of radiation, Planck’s radiation law, the photoelectric effect, spontaneous and induced emission, quantum properties of matter, the matter wave, the Schrödinger equation, the observability of physical quantities, expectation values of observables, eigenfunctions and eigenvalues of operators, stationary states, particle in square well potential, the one-dimensional harmonic oscillator, the hydrogen Atom, atoms, molecules, solids, nanostructures, the Hilbert space representation of states and observables, Dirac vectors, dynamics of quantum systems, the Schrödinger Representation, the Heisenberg representation, the Interaction representation, algebraic treatment of the harmonic oscillator, quantum information theory, the Einstein Podolsky Rosen experiment, entangled states, the quantization of the electromagnetic field, quantum theory of electric circuits, coherent states, interaction of radiation and matter, emission and absorption of radiation, the natural line width of an atom, quantum statistics, the density operator, the coherent state and the Poisson distribution, signal and noise, the characteristic function, photon field coupled to a reservoir of a two-level atom, laser theory, superconductivity, the Josephson effect, quantization of the JC circuit, quantum computing, basic operations in quantum computing, the no-cloning theorem, quantum teleportation
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