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(POL24302) The Political Economy of Technical Standards

Course 0000001847 in SS 2018

General Data

Course Type seminar
Semester Weekly Hours 2 SWS
Organisational Unit Chair of International Relations (Prof. Büthe)
Dates 4 singular or moved dates

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additional remarks This block seminar focuses on the political economy of standardisation and certification within the context of global governance. As a consequence of the globalisation of product markets, international standards have become economically and politically ever more important as instruments of governance and a means for addressing global challenges. Standardisation has grown from a topic that was of interest primarily to engineers into a distinctive area of research across many different academic disciplines. The first part of the course deals with the fundamentals of standardisation and standards: the concepts and the historical backgrounds, the economic theories behind standards, the political economy of standards setting processes, types of standards, standards role in innovation and impact on the micro (organisations) and the macro (states) levels, the quality infrastructure and markets governance, and the impact of standards on trade and society. In the second part we build upon what has been introduced within a global governance framework, clarifying the relationship among key concepts: standards development organisations and their role in the global economy, the politics of institutional standards setting, public and private stakeholders role in standards setting, standards wars and standardisation role in international relations.
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