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Free places in graduate center courses in Weihenstephan

The Graduiertenzentrum Weihenstephan (GZW) can offer some free places in its courses to Physics candidates as well.

Writing scientific publications with LaTeX
This beginner course is aimed to qualify PhD students to write scientific publications with LaTeX, especially if they have no experience with LaTeX by now. 21. – 24.09.2015, 15:00 – 19:00, DGL 01 (Maximus-von-Imhof-Forum 3, Freising)/dd>
Schwungvoll denken und schreiben – Aufschieberitis überwinden
Entwickeln Sie individuelle Strategie zum Umgang mit Schreibproblemen, Prokrastination und gefühlter sowie tatsächlicher Zeitknappheit, um Raum und Zeit für die Arbeit an der Dissertation zu schaffen. 15. und 16.10.2015, 9:00 - 16:00, Großer Sitzungssaal (Alte Akademie 8, Freising)
Finding where you fit in Biotechnology & Drug Development
How do you identify the career that best matches your interests, skills, values and professional goals? 12. – 15.10.2014, Großer Sitzungssaal (Alte Akademie 8, Freising)
R Tutorial for Introductory Statistics
This course provides graduate studies with the opportunity to learn the R statistical package by directly doing it themselves. During WS 2015/16, every Monday 10:00 - 11:30, first date: 12.10.2015, Hans-Eisenmann-Zentrum S 85, Freising

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