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Writting your thesis abroad

It is also possible to do your Bachelor's or Master's thesis abroad!

Final degree projects done in a research institution abroad are also subjected to the regulations of our department (see the APSO under legal basis). This condition applies in particular to deadlines, scope of the work, registration, etc. Students are required to have a supervisor at our Physics Department, who officially defines the topic and grades the work at the end (including the colloquium). For Double Degree students writing their theses abroad, some exceptions may apply.

Typically, there are two ways to find a research project abroad:

  • Look for a topic and a supervisor among the professors in our department. Then, in agreement with your supervisor, you may do your research work or a part of it abroad through an existing collaboration of the group.
  • Look by yourself a for a topic and a supervisor abroad. Once you have decided for a suitable project, you need to find a supervisor in our deparment. To do so, please refer to the research group(s) that fits to the choosen topic.

In all cases, the first supervisor has to be a person entitled to take examinations within our Physics Department. Even if the topic is provided by another scientific member at TUM, one of the examiners has to be professor in our department.

Contact abroad

There are several posibilities to contact a university abroad:

  • You can use the individual contacts that our professors have with universities abroad. However, there is no official list indicating which professors have contacts to given external institutions. For this purpose, you have to contact the professors directly (at best personally) and find out about the possibilities that suit your interests.
  • Contacts of TUM may open further possibilities. For example, within the programs ERASMUS and TUMexchange, or through the Bayerisch-Französiches Hochschulzentrum, students may be able to create their own contacts and come up with a research project.
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