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Université de Montpellier



Exchange places

  • Erasmus: 3 places, each 10 months
  • Double Degree: MaMaSELF students can make use of the Erasmus+ stipend when going to Montpellier during the second year of their studies. An application to the Erasmus+ program is required.

Study possibilities

  • Erasmus:
    • Undergraduate / Bachelor
    • Postgraduate / Master
  • MaMaSELF: Master

Languages of instruction and requirements

  • French: B1/B2

Information about studies

  • Academic calendar
  • Academic offer
    Their Master program in physics offers diverse specializations:
    • Cosmos Champs et Particules
    • Astrophysique
    • Physique et Ingénierie de la Matière Vivante
    • Matière et désordre
    • Physique et Ingénierie des Matériaux pour la Microélectronique et les Nanotechnologies
    • Nanosciences et Technologies Quantiques
    • Physique Numérique
    • Physique Générale

Only for nominated students

After successful application at TUM and nomination by our department to the partner university, you may follow their application process within the corresponding deadline:

  • Autumn/winter term: May 15
  • Spring/summer term: November 30

Please let us know if information is outdated or incorrect by contacting Maria Eckholt.

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