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Keio visits TUM 2016


Our visitors:

They will visit different groups in order to gain an overview of the research topics in our department and Campus Garching, be involved in short seminars and lab tours, as well as in discussions with graduate students and young researchers.

Our Physics Department has a Double Degree program together with the Keio University: Keio-TUM DD, which started in 2011.


TimeWednesday 17.02Friday 19.02
10 - 12 Stroth group/IPP
Ingrid Kaufmann
Meeting point: IPP, Auditorium Blg. D2
Brandt group
Prof. Martin Brandt
Meeting point: WSI entrance
12 - 13 Lunch break Keio presentation
Prof. Mikio Eto
WSI, bistro area in first floor
(alternatively WSI library)
13 - 14 TUM presentation
Dr. Maria Eckholt
WMI seminar room
Lunch Break
14 - 16 Goennenwein group
Dr. Sebastian Gönnenwein
Meeting point: Walther Meissner Institute,
Neutron Source FRM2
Bianca Tonin
Meeting point: FRM2 entrance
16 - 18 MPA and MPE
Dr. Hannelore Hämmerle
Meeting point: TBA


Visit 2014

Photos: Mikio Eto/Keio University.

web-KeioTUM2014-1.jpg web-KeioTUM2014-2.jpg web-KeioTUM2014-3.jpg web-KeioTUM2014-4.jpg web-KeioTUM2014-5.jpg web-KeioTUM2014-6.jpg web-KeioTUM2014-7.jpg

Visit 2013

Photo: Mikio Eto/Keio University.


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