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"External" Final Theses or Research Phases in Physics Programs

Possible supervisors for the final thesis (research phase) in a Physics program are the university teachers of the Physics Department only. But these may cooperate with colleagues from other departments, national or international universities, or with external research institutions as well as private companies.

This set of persons of the university teachers at the Physics Department is exactly the set of persons selectable as supervisor in the registration form.

If a topic for a possible final thesis is suggested by an external (hence someone who is not a university teacher at the Physics Department) this can only be realised as final thesis/research phase if a university teacher at the Physics Department is found adopting the topics as their own and supervising the students together with the external.

External supervisors as second examiner

For the Bachelor’s Colloquiua regularly two supervisors with their respective students will be combined. Each of them action as second examiner of the colleauge. Hence for Bachelor’s Theses it is regularly not possible for an external co-supervisor to be appointed as second examiner.

If the external supervisor of a research phase/Master’s Thesis is by themselves able to take university exams e.g. as professor of another TUM department or a national or international university the following is to be taken into account:

While appointing the second examiner the examination board always asures that at least one of the two examiners comes from the core staff of the Physics Department (especially no secondary or honorary members, or university teacher at an external institute). This is mainly to ensure consistent quality of supervision and grading.

For this reason an external supervisor cannot be appointed second examiner if the thesis supervisor does not come from the fulltime teaching-staff of the Physics Department. If the external suggesting the topic shall later be suggested as second examiner this is to be taken into account while searching for the thesis supervisor.

Cooperation with industrial enterprises

There are several legal issues with the assignment, supervison, and writing of a scientific thesis in cooperation with an industrial enterprise. These need to be taken into concern by all the parties.

The Academic and Student Affairs Office: Legal Division and ZA5 Legal Office have compiled a information sheet with notes on theses with topics motivated from industrial enterprises and/or work in an industrial enterprise.

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