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Exam Registration Withdrawal in Case of e. g. Sickness

In the case you may not participate in an exam due to sickness you should see a doctor to attest your condition in a medical certificate ("Attest").

The board of examiners of your program is always responsible for withdrawals from examinations and the recognition of certificates! The following statements apply to students of physics. Students of other departments should contact their own department.

Due to the different severity of the consequences of not appearing at a module examination within the Fundamentals and Orientation Examinations (GOP) in the bachelor's program in physics and another module examination, the two cases are treated differently in each case.

Special regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, participation in on-campus exams is forbidden even with light symptoms compatible with a SARS-CoV-2 infection. To avoid unnecessary bureaucracy for students complying with this rule, written exam dates of the Physics Department in SS 2021 are usually configured with deregistration in TUMonline shortly before the exam date. In SS 2021 you do not need a medical certificate to withdraw from a GOP module exam, if you deregister before the exam date. If you should test positive during a medical assessment, inform the TUM Corona Crisis Task Force. Should in a GOP module exam of SS 2021 deregistration be impossible before the exam date, contact

Withdrawal from an examination within the GOP

In case of illness, a medical certificate in original must be sent by mail to the secretary of the examination board(Dr. Karl Dressler) for examination dates of the GOP. Alternatively, the certificate can also be handed in personally at the Dean's office of the Department of Physics. Please enclose a note with the certificate, indicating at least your first and last name, your matriculation number, your field of degree program and the module examinations concerned. The examination attempt will not be counted afterwards and the relevant examination must be taken at the next regularly offered date.

Usually, certificates from your family physician are sufficient. In case of repetition, a certificate from a TUM medical examiner can be mandatory.

We ask for your understanding that it has proved too much work for the secretary of the examination board to confirm receipt of the individual certificates. We recommend to always keep a copy with your own documents. Please also note that the certificates are first collected for the whole examination block and only then are booked en bloc in TUMonline. In any case, the booking is done before the exams are set for the last time.

If, as a consequence of the recognized withdrawal, the case arises that after the examinations of the second examination period immediately before the lecture period of the following semester (regular repeat examinations) there is still entitlement to individual examination attempts, these must be made up for at the next regularly offered date, i.e. in the first examination block of the following academic year - unless the other GOP modules are finally failed. Again, the  secretary  of the examination board will automatically register you in TUMonline.
Illness etc. for examinations outside the GOP

Illness, etc. during examinations outside the GOP

For all exams outside the GOP, the APSO allows any number of candidates to take part in the exam as part of the academic progress check. Consequently, in the event of absence from an examination, we initially waive the requirement to present a certificate or corresponding confirmation. However, we still recommend that you obtain certificates or relevant confirmations from a physician, for example, and add them to your private documents, since these documents could later be claimed from the examination board if your progress is at risk, e.g. if you need to decide on an extension or suspension of the deadline.

For the mandatory modules of the first semester of the Master's program QST and the mandatory modules of the first two semesters of the Master's program BEMP, it is recommended to submit a certificate in order to obtain an extension of the deadline. Please submit your certificate via the secretary of the examination board of the respective program.

Please note that outside the GOP there is no automatic registration for exams in TUMonline. You must therefore register independently and in good time for repeat examinations in TUMonline.

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