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Room Finder for the Physics Department and Other Departments

The room finder displays maps to buildings of the Physics Department and if available other institutes.

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You can search for a room by room number, TUMonline room-code or the description field.

Room Data


Building and Floor
Verwaltungsstelle / BLQ Brau- und Lebensmittelqualität , 01
Alte Akademie 1-3


Room Number, Room-Code
129 (Room-Code 4101.01.129)
Room Description
Hörsaal 6 (WZWH06)
Information on the room in TUMonline
Number of Seats, Area
144 (for Exams: 144 in 1x1, 36 in eng, 24 in corona, 24 in weit), 168 m²
Seating plan of the room Seating plan of the room during pandemic conditions
Room Schedule

Room Schedule

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The following schedule is regularly synchronised from TUMonline hourly. Please always check the TUMonline schedule.

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