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Die Dynamik global-gekoppelter Stuart-Landau Oszillatoren

Coupled oscillators appear in many physical and biological systems, such as firing neurons in the brain or the pulsation of the human heart.
If the coupling diffuses fast, it can be approximated through a global coupling, and, as the simplest form, through the mean of the oscillator ensemble. It is known that such a coupling can lead
to a large variety of different dynamical states, such as secondary oscillations, clustering, chaotic dynamics or 'partial' chaos.
However, even the case of two mean-coupled oscillators is not well understood. Using two limit-cycle oscillators and coupling them through the mean field, the objective of this thesis is to find
all bifurcations occurring in such a system. We believe that those bifurcations are universal in the sense that they will also appear in larger ensembles of coupled oscillators, facilitating the understanding of coupled oscillators in general. Therefore, the results of two mean-coupled oscillators can then be extended to larger ensembles.

Requirements for this thesis are a basic understanding of nonlinear dynamics and a solid background in PYTHON. In addition, since many bifurcations cannot be obtained analytically, numerical continuation software such as AUTO has to be exploited, which requires some basic programming skills.
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  • Masterarbeit Physik der kondensierten Materie
  • Masterarbeit Kern-, Teilchen- und Astrophysik
  • Masterarbeit Biophysik
  • Masterarbeit Applied and Engineering Physics
Themensteller(in): Katharina Krischer
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