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M.Sc. Mareike Bojer

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Theorie komplexer Biosysteme

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An Ising-type model for pattern formation in compartimentalized systems

This thesis project focuses on communication processes between cells in the context of pattern formation from a statistical physics point of view. The class of Ising/Potts models provides a simple framework for studying the interplay of direct contact interactions with an external signal. This class of models originated in the context of magnetism, but its basic assumptions also fit the minimal requirements  for some interactions between biological cells. In this thesis, the Ising/Potts model will be studied numerically on biologically inspired lattices with or without the presence of spatially inhomogeneous external signals. The results of this simulations will then be analysed and interpreted with the help of tools from statistical physics and information theory. Prior knowledge in biophysics and information theory is not required, but a solid background in statistical physics is necessary.

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  • Bachelorarbeit Physik
Themensteller(in): Ulrich Gerland
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