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M.Eng. Shangpu Liu

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Offered Bachelor’s or Master’s Theses Topics

Controlled Fabrication of Chiral Lead-Free Perovskites

 The Deschler group at the Walter Schottky Institute of TU Munich invites applications for

Bachelor/Master Projects on Controlled Fabrication of

Chiral Lead-Free Perovskites


The group

The Deschler group is an independent research group at Walter Schottky Institute of TU Munich, established through the DFG Emmy-Noether Program and an ERC starting Grant. Our research focuses on the ultrafast dynamics of functional materials and their applications energy applications. More information can be found on our website at


Your projects

Hybrid organic inorganic perovskites are optoelectronic materials with tunable chemical and electronic structures. Incorporating chiral organic molecules into perovskite networks also attracts great attention due to their potential optical communication applications. Nevertheless, most reported chiral perovskite materials possess highly toxic Pb, which potentially limits their practical applications. In this project, your work would focus on introducing chiral organic molecules into hybrid lead-free perovskite, and grow corresponding high-performance single crystals and thin films. You will spearhead the design and fundamental understanding of novel functionality in materials. Specifically, you can work on one of following topics:

·     Designing chiral lead-free perovskites with different chiral organic molecules

·     Incorporating MA, FA, or Cs into chiral lead-free perovskites to get different layers samples

·     Transition metal doping on chiral lead-free perovskites to acquire magnetic properties

During your Bachelor or Master project in our group, you will have the chance to gain hands-on experience in the solution-/vapor-based synthesis of novel functional materials, a range of state-of-the-art spectroscopic, optoelectronic and diffraction tools, as well as detailed understanding of the physics of functional semiconductors. Dedicated support from a PhD student or postdoc will be available during your project. You will be expected to make scientific discoveries and contribute to the dynamic atmosphere of our group.


Your Application

Applications should be sent to Please include your CV, and other related documents. Looking forward to your applications!

suitable as
  • Master’s Thesis Condensed Matter Physics
Supervisor: Felix Deschler
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