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Dr. M.Sc. Ioannis Tsinikos

Photo von Dr. M.Sc. Ioannis Tsinikos.
+49 89 289-12725
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Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics
Additional Info
I am a visiting PostDoc from UCLouvain/CP3 until the end of Sep 2018. My research focuses on collider physics. I am interested in NLO QCD+EW corrections in top quark SM processes. I am currently working on the combination of NNLO QCD + NLO EW corrections to top pair production at the LHC. Concerning the BSM physics, I am interested in the EFT framework at NLO QCD accuracy considering the global approach mostly in top quark processes. Currently I am working on EFT in multijet production at the LHC.
Consultation Hour
Mo-Fri, 09.00-12.30 and 13.30-18.00
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