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M.Sc. Seungjae Lee

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Chemical Physics Beyond Equilibrium

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Chimären-Zustände in asymmetrischen 2-Populationsnetzwerken
In this theoretical project from the field of Nonlinear Dynamics, the collective dynamics of coupled oscillators shall be explored. More precisely, the dynamics of two interacting sets - or populations - of oscillators shall be studied. It has been shown that symmetric two-population networks, where each population consists of the same number of oscillators, might exhibit a symmetry-breaking to a so-called chimera state, characterized by the coexistence of coherence and incoherence. In this project, the dynamics of asymmetric networks with different population sizes shall be explored, with particular emphasis on the existence of chimeras. The projects includes both analytical and numerical investigations.
suitable as
  • Bachelor’s Thesis Physics
Supervisor: Katharina Krischer
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