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Matthias Althammer

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Post-Doc in the Magnetism and Spinelectronics group

Courses and Dates

Title and Module Assignment
Spin Electronics Assigned to modules:
VO 2 Althammer, M. Tue, 14:00–15:30, WMI 143
Advances in Solid State Physics Assigned to modules:
PS 2 Deppe, F. Gross, R. Hübl, H.
Assisstants: Althammer, M.Geprägs, S.
Tue, 10:15–11:45, WMI 143
Topical Issues in Magneto- and Spintronics Assigned to modules:
HS 2 Brandt, M. Hübl, H.
Assisstants: Althammer, M.Geprägs, S.Opel, M.Weiler, M.
Wed, 11:30–13:00, WSI S101
Spin Currents and Skyrmionics Assigned to modules:
PS 2 Hübl, H. Opel, M.
Assisstants: Althammer, M.Geprägs, S.Weiler, M.
Thu, 14:00–15:30, WMI 142
Tutorial to Spin Electronics Assigned to modules:
UE 1 Althammer, M. Tue, 13:15–14:00, WMI 143
Walther-Meißner-Seminar on Topical Problems of Low Temperature Physics Assigned to modules:
SE 2 Althammer, M. Deppe, F. Einzel, D. Gönnenwein, S. Gross, R. … (insgesamt 9) Fri, 13:30–14:45, WMI 143

Offered Bachelor’s or Master’s Theses Topics

Elektrisch gesteuerter Magnontransport in magnetisch geordneten Isolatoren

Angular momentum transport in magnetically ordered insulators is carried by magnetic excitation quanta in contrast to magnetic conductors, where mobile charge carrier also carry angular momentum. In magnetically ordered insulator/normal metal hybrids it is possible to study the transport of angular momentum by all-electrical means via the spin Hall and inverse spin Hall effect in the normal metal. The focus of this project is the investigation of possibilities to manipulate the angular momentum transport in the magnetically ordered insulator by electrical means and by finite size effects. In addition, another goal is the enhancement of the sensitivity of the currently existing measurement setup and the realization of new measurement protocols in hard- and software.

An ambitious master student with good analytical skills is required to carry out these experiments on all-electrical magnon transport. One part of the thesis is the fabrication of nanometer sized devices for the experiments via electron beam lithography and UHV sputtering. The properties of these devices will be analyzed using magnetotransport experiments in superconducting magnet cryostats. Another important aspect is the realization of more sophisticated measurement methods, aiming for a enhancement in sensitivity, a better signal-to-noise ratios and a higher versatility of the measurement protocols

suitable as
  • Master’s Thesis Condensed Matter Physics
  • Master’s Thesis Applied and Engineering Physics
Supervisor: Rudolf Gross
Topologische magnetische Phasen in Dünnschicht-Heterostrukturen

The broken inversion symmetry at the interface of thin film ferromagnets and normal metals with strong spin-orbit coupling can give rise to chiral magnetic order. These chiral magnetic materials show exotic magnetic properties such as a skyrmion lattice phase and have strong application potential for future spintronic devices. For these applications, a detailed understanding of the magnetization dynamics in these materials is required. The goal of this master thesis is to fabricate such thin film multilayer structures using sputter deposition techniques and analyze their dynamic magnetic properties using broadband ferromagnetic resonance spectroscopy.

We are looking for a highly motivated master student to carry out these experiments on interfacial effects in metallic multilayers. The thesis work will be split up into of the fabrication of these multilayer structures using UHV sputter deposition systems and determining their magnetic properties by broadband ferromagnetic resonance spectroscopy and SQUID magnetometry.

suitable as
  • Master’s Thesis Condensed Matter Physics
  • Master’s Thesis Applied and Engineering Physics
Supervisor: Rudolf Gross
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