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Dr. rer. nat. Mathias Weiler

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Engineering Magnetization Dynamics in a Magnetic Insulator

In magnetic resonance, a high frequency magnetic drive field is employed to excite the precessional motion of the magnetization of a magnet. Besides this fundamental excitation, where all spins are precessing in an orchestrated, collective motion, higher order magnetic resonance modes can be excited and investigated using broadband microwave spectroscopy techniques. Furthermore, as these properties rely on the „magnetic“ bandstructure of the material, they can also be tailored using nano-fabrication methods yielding engineered magnetic structures such as waveguides or resonators.

We are looking for a talented master student, who is eager to explore the different possibilities for tailoring the dynamic magnetic properties of yttrium iron garnet (YIG). The goal of your thesis is to design, fabricate and investigate tailored magnetic bandstructures in YIG, in particular also in freely suspended films. The thesis work involves simulation of the (magnetic) structures, advanced nano-patterning, as well as high frequency spectroscopy of the fabricated devices.


geeignet als
  • Masterarbeit Physik der kondensierten Materie
  • Masterarbeit Applied and Engineering Physics
Themensteller(in): Rudolf Gross
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