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Information for tutors of advanced lab course

Information to experiments

Contact details

Contact details are transferred from Campus management system TUMonline (

Business card in TUMonline Resources -> personal settings (profile must be visible for anonym)
Business card in TUMonline: Resources -> E-Mail-Addresses
Business card in TUMonline: Edit (upper right corner) -> place of employment
External telephone:
Business card in TUMonline: Edit (upper right corner) -> External phone no.
Telephone (TUM):
Has to be edited by institute secretary.

If you do not have access to TUMonline yet or if you forgot you password, please refer to itsupport @ Your account contains also a mailbox. Please configure its settings so that you can really receive emails to this mailbox. Only this TUM E-Mail address can be used in the contact details.

Registration of lab course results in TUMonline

Successfully completed experiments have to be registered in the student accounts of TUMonline. Please register your students (after successful completion of the experiment) in TUMonline and activate "Bestanden" (passed).  

Manual for the registration of course results in TUMonline

If you run into problems please refer to Andreas Hauptner.