The Physics Department offers a variety of events for scientists as well as for the general public. Here we present an overview.

Schülertag Prospective students visit the "Schülertag" to get informed on the study programs in Physics. Photo: TUM.PH/Schürmann.

Current Events

Other Events

Date Event
2016-06-14, 14:00h Tag der Physikerinnen
2016-07-13, 14:00h Tag der Physik (Day of Physics)
2016-10-22, 11:00h Open house
2017-02-03, 13:00h Graduation Ceremony
  Day for high-school graduates ....even though the event is announced in German feel free to step by and take a look at the Physics Department. Physics is “international” and questions in English are welcome....
  Schülertag Event for youngsters (in German)
  Study Introduction Days (SET)
  Mädchen machen Technik “Girls make technology” (in German)
  Schülerinnen forschen (Herbstuniversität) “Girls do research (autumn university)” (in German)
  TUM Career Days
2015-05-06 Career Day am Campus Garching
2015-06-27, 18:00h Long night of sciences (mostly in German, foreign guests welcome)
2015-07-16, 13:00h Tag der Promotion (PhD Day)
2016-04-22 – 24 Edgar-Lüscher-Seminar für Physiklehrer (Teacher Training)
2016-04-14, 10:00h Festsymposium zum 70. Geburtstag von Prof. Dr. Wolfram Weise