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Physics Department at Technische Universität München

physic's orders of magnitude

As dean of the faculty I cordially welcome you and hope you will find the faculty pages informative for your study and research interests.

At present the Physics Department is academic home and work-place of more than 1000 students, 200 graduate students as well as 300 scientists. They all decided to carry out their studies and do research at one of the largest centers of physics in Europe.

Our current curriculum and research areas cover the whole spectrum of physics from the smallest elementary particles to the universe. We unite world-wide recognized experts for astroparticle and nuclear physics, nanotechnology, biophysics, condensed matter state physics, neutron spectroscopy, novel materials, cosmology and many more. Our faculty members play leading roles in major research initiatives, notably indcluding Clusters of exzellence and Sonderforschungsbereiche.

A special characteristic of our department consists in the successful co-operation with many Max Planck Institutes and other non-academic research facilities on the Garching campus and in the region of Munich. Together we offer an attractive research environment with best training possibilities in all fields of physics, from fundamental research to modern applications.

Johannes v. Barth